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Our Philosophy

We are highly experienced qualified accountants based in Bicester, Oxfordshire with clients throughout the UK. Our specialisms include working with small businesses covering all aspects of work from bookkeeping through to tax planning and more technical and complex matters, where we can provide you with relevant and timely advice and recommendations to achieve your objectives.

Accountants and Business Advisers can play a very important role in your lives as a business person or a taxpayer. Traditionally accountants have been viewed as expensive, impersonal and quite boring. Whilst this stereotypical view will still exist in many accountancy practices, at Barnes4Business we have broken away from this mould.

We have heard many stories where business owners say they see their accountant once a year and for an expensive fee they get a couple of sheets of paper with some figures on it. We want to be available to you at any time when you need us most and we want to encourage you to not be afraid to contact us and to consider us part of your team.

We believe it is far more important to focus on the present and future rather than concentrate on the past. We want to provide you with solutions and recommendations that can make a real difference to you now. The key focus to our work is to be part of your team, someone who you feel you want to bounce off any ideas or concerns you may have, someone who you can trust to point you in the right direction.

Of course the year end compliance work does need to be done, and we would do this for you at a very competitive price. But we have seen too often traditional accountants will do the compliance work and leave the client with a nasty shock, which could be an unexpected tax bill or a surprisingly lower than anticipated profit. Why put up with these surprises? By allowing us into your business we can keep this under continuous review throughout the year. Where necessary, corrective action can be taken at the earliest opportunity. Planning can be made to minimise tax bills or to improve the business activities to boost the cash flow or profitability of the business. By the time year end comes around you already know what to expect, and by being involved throughout the year we know your business well enough to quickly and efficiently prepared annual accounts and tax returns.

Our fees are set to be extremely competitive and by being able to offer a lower price for your compliance work we would hope that you would have some funds left in your budget to take advantage of the special work that we can offer you where genuine cash savings or cash generation can be achieved through areas such as tax planning or business improvement techniques.

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