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We can provide a full bookkeeping service, including the preparation of VAT returns, using your own existing bookkeeping system or bringing this in house and creating a bookkeeping system for you.

We recognise that bookkeeping is a data inputting service and therefore our prices are adjusted to be more compatible with existing local bookkeepers’ service rates.

The difference you will get from using Barnes4Business for your bookkeeping work is that you will have qualified accountants doing the work who through years of experience will see the bigger picture by analysing any results of the bookkeeping work. The work would also be completed to facilitate the year end process, making this easier to complete and we can therefore charge a lower fee for this work too.

The bookkeeping function can extend to providing management accounts, forecasts and budgets.

Bookkeeping Review / Management Accounts

If you already have a bookkeeper that you are happy with then you are very fortunate and you should make sure that you can retain them. However if you want the bookkeeping process to go a little bit further than it currently does then we can step in to support the work already done by analysing the bookkeeping work already prepared and presenting to you:

  1. Management Accounts
  2. Forecasts
  3. Budgets v Actuals Variance Analysis

From this we can discuss your business with you which may highlight areas to concentrate on which could include tax planning, remuneration planning or pricing strategies.

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