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Continually planning, reviewing and working with you to achieve your best

Barnes4Business are highly experienced qualified accountants based in Bicester, Oxfordshire with clients throughout the UK. 

Our specialisms include working with small businesses covering all aspects of their work from bookkeeping through to tax planning and more technical and complex matters, where we can provide you with relevant and timely advice and recommendations to achieve your objectives.

We are a professionally qualified accountancy practice who are members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). All work will be completed and supervised by a qualified accountant.  Using a qualified accountant is so important not only for the creditability doing so will bring but for the additional assurance and range of services that you can be offered.

You may find that our approach sometimes may be a little different and we may not fit the mould of a traditional accountant, this doesn’t stop us offering our services with a high degree of professionalism and expertise and we aim to not be just your accountant but someone that you can talk to about almost anything.