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Bookkeeping and VAT work

We offer a full bookkeeping service which can include the preparation of VAT returns and submission of these to HMRC.

We have used many different bookkeeping software packages including Quickbooks, Xero, FreeAgent and Sage.  Whilst our preferred bookkeeping software of choice is Sage we are happy to work with you on whatever software you may be using to review your bookkeeping and help in any way that we can.

Services that we can offer in this area include:

  • Full monthly or quarterly bookkeeping service, receiving information from you entering the data into a bookkeeping software package to a specification of your choosing.
  • Management accounts provision following on from the bookkeeping work.
  • Preparation of VAT returns, advising you of the VAT payable or repayable and submission of VAT returns to HMRC.

By allowing us to control the accounting function of your business, because we have much more regular contact with your business we can quickly identify any pressing matters that are affecting your business now or may arise in the future and early intervention can allow a quick remedy to solve an issue or seize an opportunity.

Our clients have benefited in several ways by involving us with their everyday bookkeeping needs and so allowing us into their business to enable us to make early evaluations and give timely advice.  Areas that we have supported our clients here include:

  • Profit forecasting for tax planning opportunities.
  • Sales patterns and determining product margins.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • Debtor identification and recovery.
  • Preparing sales invoices.
  • Advising if any important payments to suppliers or authorities have been accidentally missed.
  • Asset purchasing planning, including VAT consequences
  • Bookkeeping software recommendations and support

We can offer our bookkeeping services at very competitive rates, and our work is planned to ensure that we learn how your business works and so that the year end compliance needs can be offered efficiently and easily.  We would like to think that bookkeeping is not a standalone service of simple inputting but at the very core of your business as the better the bookkeeping the better the output from it and so the better you can run your business.  Getting this right can improve so much.