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The government would like you to believe that tax is simple.  Never before has completing a personal tax return been so complicated with different types of income taxed at different rates, various tax allowances, tax relief restrictions, benefits clawbacks etc.  It is now more important than ever that you get the proper advice when completing your tax return.

Everybody should recognise why we pay tax and the importance that your tax contribution as an individual or business makes, however large or small, can make on how our country is run.  It is rare to find anyone who says that they think they don’t pay enough tax.  But tax should not be viewed as a negative, paying tax by its very nature means that you earn income that warrants it to be taxed and the more successful that you are the more tax that you can expect to pay.

So whilst you shouldn’t be afraid to pay tax, that doesn’t mean that you should pay more tax than you have to.  Tax saving opportunities may be available that can be considered to plan your earnings in advance to determine the tax that you can expect to pay and find possible ways of minimising your future tax payments.  All by legitimate means.

We have many clients that have successfully worked with us over the years to go through their tax planning needs in addition to meeting their tax compliance requirements and this is probably the most the service that our clients value the most.

The services that we can offer within our tax department include:

  • Corporate Tax work – annual tax returns and tax planning
  • Personal Tax work – annual tax returns and tax planning
  • Capital Gains Tax work advice
  • VAT questions and support

Tax work extends far and wide.  Examples of work that we have undertaken for our clients include:

  • Remuneration planning to consider the effect of a director shareholder taking income by salary, dividends and interest from a company.
  • Pension contribution planning for a company and individual
  • Company car or van planning
  • Business structures planning
  • Bringing family members or other investors into an existing business
  • R&D tax relief work
  • Inheritance tax planning